December 13, 2020

Peak Refuel Review

Peak Refuel is a smaller and newer player in the adventure meal marketplace. Based out of Utah, they have a small line of meals that are based around high quality ingredients, short cooking times, and limited water requirements. They have thoughtfully designed their products around the needs of outdoor adventurers. Below, we review the vegan options from Peak Refuel.

Peak Refuel backpacking food image. Two flavors: Three Bean Chili Mac and Mountain Berry Granola.

Reasons to choose Peak Refuel products: 

  • Quick Cooking: All their options cook in 10 minutes or less – impressive!
  • Quality: Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Less Water: The vegan dinner option for Peak Refuel uses about 50% the water of other brands. 
  • Nutrition: Peak Refuel advertises that their products are all high in protein. The two vegan options (one breakfast and one dinner) both meet this criteria. The meat based options are even higher in protein. 
  • Widely available: Products are easy to find at outdoor stores such as REI and online at their Amazon store.

Downsides to Peak Refuel products:

  • Limited Options: Peak Refuel only has two vegan options. They are great, but hopefully they can expand their offerings based on demand. The more people who buy the vegan options, the more they will offer. 
  • Seasoning Tweaks: Like most backpacking foods, we needed to tweak the dinner item we tested.

Other info of note: 

  • Portions: All of the dinner entrees feed two individuals. The breakfast entree we sampled had two servings, but we each ate an entire pouch.

Specific Product Reviews:

Three Bean Chili Mac

Photo of Three Bean Chili Mac meal from Peak Refuel

This meal is the reason we wanted to review Peak Refuel. It’s become a camping favorite for us. It’s rich, hearty, and filling. One package is plenty for two people. We tweak the recipe by stirring in the following after the rehydration time is complete: 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast, a dash of Cholula, and ¼ tsp of finely ground sea salt. Another great add in would be a can of mushrooms if you really want to spoil yourself! We also rehydrate for 2-5 minutes longer than instructed, which is a pretty standard practice with us since we often camp at higher altitudes.

Mountain Berry Granola

Photo of Mountain Berry Granola breakfast from Peak Refuel.

This breakfast option appears to be a newer to the Peak Refuel line and uses dried rice milk instead of dairy milk. Everything is dehydrated and one cup of cold water is used to bring it all together when you are ready to eat. This product is great if you are backpacking and want to limit the weight of what you are carrying. The granola and berries rehydrate well and the water mixes with the rice mile powder comes together really well. However, you could definitely make your own granola, fresh berries, and liquid milk for a lot cheaper if you could deal with the extra weight. This product is less available than the Three Bean Chili Mac – it is available at the brand’s Amazon store, but it is currently not available at REI.

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

We are hoping to see more vegan options from Peak Refuel. They seem like a great company and the few options they offer are thoughtful and tasty. You can learn even more info about them on their website. Have you tried their products? Let us know what you thought in the comments. If you liked this post, check out these others:


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About the Author: Stephanie Mathers
Stephanie Mathers is an educator, writer, and vegan explorer. When she's not blogging or saving animals, she is snowboarding, hiking, or reading.

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