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Welcome to Veg-X, where compassion and adventure meet. We are committed to bringing you all the tools and info you need to explore this beautiful world while respecting the beings that live in it.

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Spotlights of sanctuaries that are making a difference.


Vegan travel destinations, camping, hiking, and other ways to explore.


Restaurants, recipes, and food tips for wherever the road takes you.

Veg 101

Resources for the everyone from vegans to the veg-curious.

Animal Sanctuaries making a difference!

Spotlights of Sanctuaries from around the country and how you can get involved.

Sanctuary Spotlights

Latest Spotlight

The Ritzy Rescue Rancher

By |April 26, 2021|7 Comments

The Ritzy Rescue Rancher specializes in rescuing farm animals and then making them feel as safe and as spoiled as possible. This relatively new, private farm rescue has a total of eighteen animals including horses, goats, cows, cats, and dogs who are all living the good life. We got to hang out with The Ritzy Rescue Rancher founders Kate and Chris to learn about what they are doing and what is next for their rescue.

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Vegan travel destinations, camping, hiking, and other ways to explore.

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The most important part of any trip is the (vegan) Food!

From pre-made snacks to homemade creations to places to eat, we have you covered with recommendations and reviews.

Veg-X Food

From backpacking food, to energy bars, learn about the best vegan grub for your next adventure.

An approachable collection of recipes from our kitchen and other great vegan foodies.


Restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places to find vegan options wherever you explore.

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